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kit kit kit

14th December 2014

No scratching post is too tall for this lot to conquer! Of course, Mum takes pride of place at the top.

kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten
Paler girl Darker girl Middle boy Little boy Paler boy
Swift Maasai Mara Swift Savannah Swift Mombasa Swift Lketinga Swift Samburu

23rd November 2014

The kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA and following on from their father's African name the litter has an African theme with inspiration from the book 'Africa, My Passion' by Corinne Hofmann.

kitten kitten kitten

11th November 2014

Reminder to self: do not leave paper towel roll in reach of tiny little paws.

kitten kitten kittens kittens

10th November 2014

Teaser assassination.

kits kitten kit kits

31st October 2014

There is so much to do when you are a kitten: scratching posts, bowls, boxes, toys and loving thy sibling.

kittens kitten kits kits kitten
Paler girl Darker girl Middle boy Little boy Paler boy

24th October 2014

Bree's babies are suddenly up and running, games are on and they are using the litter trays. All this before they are even 5 weeks of age!


10th October 2014

Bree's litter is gorgeous; they have rich colour and lovely eyes that have just opened. Currently, they are wobbling around the kittening bed. Bree is doing a fantastic job as a first time mum.


27th September 2014

Feeding time.


24th September 2014

Bree and Zambezi became parents to a beautiful litter of 5 tawny kittens: 2 girls and 3 boys.








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