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Aby Aby Aby Aby
Swift Major Tom Swift Ziggy Stardust Swift Bowie Swift Jean Genie

30th November 2018

The kittens have been registered with Cats NSW. We have a David Bowie theme with the boy being Swift Major Tom, and the girls are Swift Bowie, Swift Jean Genie and Swift Ziggy Stardust.

Kit Kit Aby Aby
Tawny boy Tawny girl Z Tawny girl B Tawny girl J

19th November 2018

The kittens are growing quickly. Favourite games include chasing the teaser, playing with the fabric ball and fetching sparkle fish.

Aby Aby Kitten Kit
Tawny boy Tawny girl Z Tawny girl B Tawny girl J

11th November

The kittens are using the litter trays and playing lots of games.

Aby kits

10th November

Feed and sleep time.


30th October

Playfights before bedtime.

Aby Aby
Aby kit

22nd October

The kittens have started moving around a little more and are feeding well. There are three girls and one boy (top right photo).

Aby Aby
Rapid and China's litter was born on the 5th October 2018.







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