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Swift Talking Tothe Moon Swift Lucky Star Swift Bruno Mars

9th March 2018

The kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA. They have Bruno Mars, slightly celestial inspired names due to the time they were born.The big girl is Swift Talking Tothe Moon as she was born so late at night, little girl is Swift Lucky Star as she was lucky to survive and the boy is Bruno Mars.

kitten kitten kitten
Big girl Little girl Little boy

25th February 2018

The kittens visited the vet and had their first vaccination and check-up. They passed with flying colours.

Aby Aby

11th February 2018

Ball pit introduction...Ball pit destruction!

Aby Aby Aby
Big girl Little girl Little boy

10th February 2018

This week, lots of games, chasing balls and playing hide and seek are on the agenda. All the kittens have put on good amounts of weight since they started eating kitten food. Dusty seems rather relieved!

kitten kitten kitten
Big girl Little girl Little boy

4th February 2018

The kittens have started eating and testing out the litter trays. It'll be all go from now on!


16th January 2018

Two of the kittens have been feeding from Dusty and putting on weight. The little boy down the bottom of the photograph is struggling to get milk so he is getting some supplemented feed time.


6th January 2018

Early on the 6th January 2018, Dusty Rose and Razzmatazz welcomed three Tawny babies into the world.








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