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4th October 2014

Star ventured into the world of showing at the Blue Point Siamese Society Show and performed beautifully. In the Group 3 Top 5 Female Kitten Awards, she gained a 5th (under judge M. Camarsh) and a 2nd (under judge V. Hurry) as well as being the best Abyssinian or Somali kitten in Ring 1.


13th September 2014

The three cins are looking so grown up. Exploration is the name of the game and nothing is going to hold them back! They love a good smooch and are very proficient at giving head massages (people who have owned an Aby will probably understand).


3rd September 2014

Family portrait

kit kit kit
Sky Full of Stars Strawberry Swing Speed of Sound

26th August 2014

Playtime is the best time, anything from a furry toy mouse to a leopard print teaser are pounced on and mauled by this fierce cinnamon trio.

kit kit kit
Sky Full of Stars Strawberry Swing Speed of Sound

17th August 2014

The kittens are growing up quickly and are enjoying hallway runs and the tunnel of fun.

kits kits kits

10th August 2014

The last few cold, wintery, rainy nights have resulted in the fireplace being a focus of attention for the kittens and mum. Although, there is still time for lots of games and playfighting with each other.

kit kit kit
Sky Full of Stars Strawberry Swing Speed of Sound

5th August 2014

The kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA and are named after Coldplay songs: Sky Full of Stars, Speed of Sound and Strawberry Swing.

kit kit kit
Glamarama & big cinnamon girl Little cinnamon girl Glamarama & cinnamon boy

30th July 2014

The kittens are racing around, eating and using the litter trays all before they are even 5 weeks of age! Mum still is lending a helping paw when required.

kit kit kit
Big cinnamon girl Little cinnamon girl Cinnamon boy

23rd July 2014

At three weeks of age the kittens have opened their eyes and are on their feet wandering around the kittening area.


8th July 2014

One week old: hugs with mum.

kit kit

4th July 2014

Glamarama is very proud of her babies and all three kittens have been feeding well.

1st July 2014

Glamarama and Razzmatazz became parents to three cinnamon kittens on the 1st July 2014.







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