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A little seed
Will grow into a tree
Leaving us in wonder
As it sleeps
Who on earth can fathom
Who on earth can know
For you were but a thought
In your makers' eyes

I may not
Always believe
But you're nothing short
Of a miracle

Feeble tiny hands
Bound for greatness
You will rise and fall
Like the rest of us
But love will keep you up
And always be the crutch
That will see you through
To the very last

I may not
Always believe
But you're nothing short
Of a miracle
Clever minds
Will second guess
But to me
You're a living miracle

Something else
Comes over me
Grace has come to set me free
In your hands you hold a new forever

We may not always believe
Blessed with sight
We rarely see
Pride and lust is our disease
And the cure is you
Little miracle

Written by The Temper Trap. Lyrics by Dougy Mandagi.

kitten kitten kitten
kitten kitten kitten
kitten kitten kitten
Swift Sweet Disposition Swift Miracle aka Mr Cinnamon   Swift Temper Trap

23rd October 2012

The kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA and have been named after the Melbourne based band The Temper Trap who were part of the entertainment at the AFL Grand Final this year. Probably their most well known song is Sweet Disposition and another of their songs is Miracle which is from their latest album. The lyrics to the song, Miracle, capture Mr Cinnamon purr-fectly.

kitten kitten kitten
Tawny girl Cinnamon boy Tawny boy

14th October 2012

Nova's kittens are 6 weeks old and visited the vet to have their first set of vaccinations. They are using the litter trays, eating food and growing by the day.

kitten kitten kittens
Tawny girl Cinnamon boy Tawny boy

1st October 2012

Nova's kittens are coming up to 5 weeks of age and are going through a growth spurt. They are enjoying racing up the scratching post, playing hide-and-seek and running around the room chasing balls and each other.

kit kit kits
kits kittens

18th September 2012

Play fights are on!

kitten kit kitten
Tawny female, cinnamon male & tawny male

10th September 2012

The kittens have opened their eyes and have become more mobile. They are trying to escape the kittening bed.

3rd September - Nova & kittens

4th September 2012

Nova is feeding the kittens well as they are all putting on weight, every day. Some of them have started to open their eyes.

Nova & kittens

28th August 2012

Swift November Rain and Merindalee Sam I Am's litter was born on the 28th of August 2012 consisting of two tawny kittens and a cinnamon kitten.

Nova cat
Swift November Rain Merindalee Sam I Am







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