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kittens kittens kittens

23rd October 2012

Poppy's kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA. Like their mother, they have been named after flowers: Swift Jasmine, Swift Violet and Swift Sweet William. The tunnel-o-fun is the latest favourite and many hours can be spent jumping in and around and chasing after each other in the tunnel.

kitten kittens
Blue girl - reserved  
kitten kitten
Tawny girl - evaluating Tawny boy - reserved

11th October 2012

Poppy's kittens have become very active and enjoy playing with toys including balls. They love the giraffe scratching post and playing chasing games with each other.

kittens kittens kitten
kitten kitten kitten
Tawny girl Blue girl Tawny boy
kitten kitten kitten

2nd October 2012

Poppy's kittens are really enjoying eating food. They are using the litter trays and Poppy is making sure the kittens are perfectly clean.

kits kits

18th - 22nd September 2012

Play fights are on!

Poppy & kittens

10th September 2012

The kittens have opened their eyes and have become more mobile.

2nd September - Poppy kittens

4th September 2012

Poppy is feeding the kittens well as they are all putting on weight, every day. Some of them have started to open their eyes.

Poppy & kittens

26th August 2012

Swift Poppy and Glenmaulyn Diamond Gypson's litter was born on the 26th August 2012 consisting of four tawny kittens & a blue kitten.

Poppy Sunny
Swift Poppy Glenmaulyn Diamond Gypson







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