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kitten kitten
Soda Pop Jasper Johns
kitten kitten
Andy Warhol Roy Lichtenstein

11th of March 2013

Poppy's kittens are very playful and love the attention of people. Running the length of the hallway and back again is the sport of the moment. All of Poppy's male kittens are reserved and at this stage, Soda Pop will be staying with us.

kitten kitten
Soda Pop Jasper Johns
kitten kitten
Andy Warhol Roy Lichtenstein

28th of February 2013

At 6 weeks of age the kittens have had their first vaccination and are growing at an alarming rate. They are very adventurous and love spending time with people.

kitten kitten

22nd of February 2013

Lessons with mum

The kittens are eating food, using the litter trays and racing around the room playing crazy games.

12th of February 2013

Poppy has delivered us a Pop Art litter consisting of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns with a splash of Soda Pop to keep us all on our toes.

kitten kitten
Andy, Roy & Jasper Soda Pop

7th of February 2013

Poppy's little girl is definitely the leader of the pack, as soon as you speak she comes running and tells you all about it. The boys seem pretty relaxed and are often curled up together.

kitten kitten
Tawny female Richer cinnamon male
kitten kitten
Big cinnamon male Middle cinnamon male

30th of January 2013

Poppy's kittens have opened their eyes and are starting to move around.


23rd of January 2013

Poppy's kittens are just over a week old and a couple of them are starting to open their eyes.


16th of January 2013

Poppy & Sammy have become parents to three cinnamon boys and a tawny girl.

poppy aby
Swift Poppy Merindalee Sam I Am







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