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Swift Soda Pop was Supreme All Breeds Exhibit in Show at the Christmas in July 2013 Show.

Soda Pop is a tawny Abyssinian from Merindalee Sam I Am and Swift Poppy. She carries the cinnamon coat colour gene and the dilute gene for coat colour. She has lovely golden eyes, a short resilient coat and a very affectionate personality.

Her first litter of trouble was to Highgaitpaws Van Morrison (Imp USA) on the 31st January 2014. We would like to thank Helen from Jodaerin Abyssinians in Perth for allowing Soda Pop to have kittens with Morrie. She had two cinnamon kittens and one tawny boy all with fizzy pop names!

Soda Pop's second litter was to Johari Zambezi. Just two boys, one born on the 22nd October 2014 and one born the next day, both blue in colour named after waterways in Africa.

In January 2015 Soda retired from breeding and showing.

At Show

30th Abyssinian Breeder Show, Canberra 18th May 2014

Abyssinian and Somali exhibits only

  Open Top 10 Cats
Ring 1 Kathy Calhoun CFA USA    
Ring 2 Kurt Vlach TICA Austria 3rd 6th
Ring 3 Nick Tricarico GCCFV 4th 8th
Ring 4 Philippa Holmes TICA UK 4th 10th

Birman Cat Club of Canberra All Breeds Show 18th May 2014

  Open Top 10 Cats
Ring 1 Tomoko Vlach TICA Austria 3rd  
Ring 2 Janis Christison QFA 3rd 8th
Ring 3 Rod Uren FCCV 3rd 9th



Sydney Royal Easter Show April 2014

Ring 1 - Challenge, Best of Breed

3rd Best Cat Bred by Exhibitor and 3rd Best for Eye Colour & Shape



St George District Cat Club 27th October 2013

Ring 2 under judge M Norberry - Challenge and 4th Female Cat in Show

Ring 3 under judge F Hawkins - 4th Female Cat in Show


Blue Point Siamese Society Show 5th October, 2013

Ring 1 under judge D Cameron Best of Breed and 2nd Female Kitten in Show. Best Abyssinian/Somali kitten

Ring 2 under judge P Cross 3rd Female Kitten in Show

Ring 3 under judge V Harney 5th Female Kitten in Show


Illawarra Pedigree Cat Fancy Show 8th September 2013

Ring 2 under judge P Cross Best of Breed and 3rd Female Kitten in Show. Best Abyssinian/Somali kitten

Ring 3 under judge D Cameron - 4th Female Kitten in Show. Runner-up Abyssinian/Somali kitten


NSW CFA Fundraiser Show 24th August, 2013

Ring 1 - under judge M Sim 3rd Female Kitten

Ring 2 - under judge F Mangan 4th Female Kitten and runner-up Aby/Somali kitten


TFA Christmas in July Show 7th July, 2013

Three Best in Sections, two Best of Breed, two Group 3 Best Kitten awards, two Best Group 3 Exhibits and

Supreme Exhibit in Ring 3 under judge Margaret Steed.


Federal Cat Club of Australasia 17th June, 2013

Best in Section, Best of Breed, 2nd Top 5 Female Kittens under judgeVal Harney

Best Aby/Somali kitten out of 12 Aby/Somali kittens


State Championship Show 27th April, 2013

Best of Breed twice and 4th Female kitten in show under judge Maureen Camarsh.








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