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Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

ribbon cat
Best Cat Bred By Exhibitor 2nd in Show

31st March 2013 - Sydney Royal Easter Show

Today, the gorgeous Swift Champagne Supernova took part in the Sydney Royal Easter Show. She was awarded 2 Challenges and a Best of Breed sash in a line up of 7 female Abyssinian cats. She went on to be 2nd Group 3 Female Cat in Show out of 32 as well as Best Female Cat Bred By Exhibitor. Well done Supernova!

Club 23 Show 2012

Brisbane - 22nd July 2012

kitten kitten

Swift Champagne Supernova - Best Shorthair Kitten in Show

Ring 2 Best Female Abyssinian Kitten, Best of Breed and Best Shorthair Kitten in Show out of 85 kittens under Judge Nick Tricarico.

Ring 3 Reserve Abyssinian Kitten & 6th Shorthair Kitten in Show.

Specialty Abyssinian & Somali Ring - 5th Best Kitten & 10th Exhibit out of 45.


ACF National Show 2012

Melbourne - 10th June 2012

kitten kitten

Swift Champagne Supernova - Reserve Kitten in Show

Ring 1 Reserve Female Abyssinian Kitten

Ring 3 Best Female Abyssinian Kitten, Best of Breed and Reserve Group 3 Kitten in Show out of 87 kittens under Judge Fiona Hawkins.




Put your paws up!

kitten kitten kitten

13th April 2012

Supernova has learnt that you are never too small...if you can't reach the biscuits in the biscuit tower from the floor then why not attack them from above!

kitten kitten kitten

12th April 2012

kitten kitten kitten


kitten kitten kitten

20th March 2012

Tunnel of Fun

kitten kitten

25th February 2012

Supernova is 4 weeks old and is a delightful bundle of fun. She is very responsive to people and loves to bite her mum's tail to get a game started.


20th February 2012

At just 24 days' old Supernova got out of bed, walked over to the litter trays, tested out all three and then went to the toilet! What a star, litter trained before she is even 4 weeks of age.

Already, Supernova is wandering around the room, checking out the toys and checking up on mum.

kitten kitten

8th February 2012

Supernova moved out of home early. We're not sure if it was Nova's idea or the kitten's but she has found a new pink bed to snuggle up inside.

kittens kitten
28th January 1st February - Supernova

27th January 2012

Supernova was born to Swift November Rain and Swift Rock The Kasbah on the 27th of January, 2012. She had a tawny brother who failed to thrive and we lost him at a week old.

Nova kasbah
Swift November Rain Swift Rock The Kasbah







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