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kit kit kit
Stellar - adopted Sparky - adopted Firestarter - adopted

12th March 2014

The kittens are looking so grown up and are enjoying racing around the living room and playing on the 2 metre high scratching post.

kit kit kit
My cat likes to hide in boxes - Stellar To play or not to play? - Sparky Touch your toes - Firestarter

25th February 2014

Game time! Anything can become a game with an Abyssinian kitten around. The kittens have had their first vaccination and are registered with NSW CFA. Because their parents' names are Razzmatazz and Champagne Supernova and the kittens were due on New Year's we decided on some fiery, explosive names for them: Swift Stellar Explosion, Swift Sparky and Swift Firestarter.

kit kit kit
Tawny female - Swift Stellar Explosion Tawny male - Swift Sparky Dark tawny male - Swift Firestarter

11th February 2014

Super's litter have grown in leaps and bounds and are SUPER cute at almost 6 weeks of age.


23rd of January 2014

Okay, we're almost 3 weeks' old; it must be time to escape the kittening bed. Let's go!

kit kit kit
Tawny female Dark tawny male Tawny male

16th of January 2014

Super has 3 big, fat buddles of fur to look after; two tawny boys and a tawny girl. They are growing well and are quite active when not sleeping with fat tummies full of milk.


Swift Champagne Supernova and Kemenkat Razzmatazz (Imp NZ) became parents to one tawny kitten on the 4th of January 2014 and then 2 more on the 5th of January!







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