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kittens kittens kitten
Superboy chews ear Supergirl bites back It's all on!

30th September 2013

Fight for the bin of sunshine! So mother cat decides the top of the rubbish bin is the perfect place to sunbathe as the sunlight streams in from the skylight. Kittens follow mother cat and try to take over the bin of sunshine, mum isn't such a problem but sibling is...

kitten kitten kitten
Superboy ready to take on Djem. Supergirl checking out Djem. Getting ready to nap.

27th September 2013

Hanging out with Great Grandma Djem. Superboy was willing to take on his Great Grandma but Supergirl wasn't so sure! The scratching post is still the best place for a quick cat nap in the afternoon.

kit kits kit
Supergirl Supergirl & Superboy Superboy

25th September 2013

The kittens are full of adventure and flying around the house; they are still loving the 2 metre high scratching posts and eventually fall asleep on them when they can't keep their eyes open any longer.

kit kit kit

7th September 2013

Tunnel tussle is on!

kitten kitten kitten
kitten kitten kitten

2nd September 2013

Time is flying by and the kittens have grown so much. Sparkle Fish is one of their favourite toys along with the discovery of the tunnel.

kittens kittens
Supergirl and Superboy being supervised by Supernova!

21st August 2013

At almost 5 weeks of age, the kittens are using the litter trays, eating, climbing, playfighting and generally exploring.

kitten kitten kitten
Mum checking on us. Enter if you dare. Made it!

16th August 2013

The discovery of the scratching post house by the kittens has been a constant source of fun and games over the last few days. Both kittens have taken to exploring the room and are becoming more steady on their feet.

kitten kitten
Super and her little tawny girl Super and her little tawny boy

10th August 2013

The kittens have reached the super cute age of 3 weeks and have become much more mobile. They are thinking about exploring but aren't too adventurous yet. Super is more relaxed with them now and is a very attentive mother.



2nd August 2013

Super is being a super mum and her little boy and girl, at 2 weeks of age, are very plump, content babies.


21st July 2013

Supernova gave birth to two tawny kittens on the 20th of July, 2013. She is super proud and doing an excellent job as a new mother. At this stage, both kittens are reserved.


Supernova & Sunny are expecting kittens in July.








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