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kitten kitten kitten

19th March 2010

Little blue boy is 13 weeks old and has been registered with the NSW CFA as Swift Valentino Rossi. He is a real character, very cute and full of mischief. His coat is sleek, soft and well coloured; the ticking is starting to come through and it has good resilience. He is enjoying spending time with Twinkle Star and they have become very good buddies.

Kitten kitten

21st February 2010

kitten kitten kitten kitten Kitten

23rd January 2010

At 5 weeks of age little blue boy loves his mummy and playtime.


18th January 2010

  kitten kitten

13th January 2010

Little blue boy has escaped from the kitten bed and is zooming around the room, playing with anything that comes across his path.

kitten kitten kitten

2nd January 2010

Little blue boy has opened his eyes and is moving around. He responds very positively to human touch and voice. He has a soft, short close-lying coat.


25th December 2009

Lily's little blue boy is doing very well, putting on approximately 20 grams a day.


18th December 2009

Lily & Willow have one gorgeous blue boy who is feeding well and is going to be one spoilt little kitten.

lily Willow
Tiger Lily enjoying a bit of television during her pregnancy. New dad, Willow hanging in his hammock

Willow & Swift Tiger Lily are expecting kittens on the 19th of December, 2009.

Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten.










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