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5th December 2010

Lily's kittens have been named after some comic book superhero characters since their father's official name is Nile Ghost Who Walks. Ghost Who Walks is an alias for the Phantom, an American comic book character. The small tawny girl has been named Dazzler; Dazzler is a Marvel comic superheroine connected with the X-Men. Misty Night is the larger tawny girl; Misty Knight is another Marvel comic book character who has been associated with the X-Men. Daredevil is the superhero known as 'the man without fear' which is what our little blue Daredevil is like too!

kit kit Kit
Misty Night - reserved Daredevil - adopted Dazzler - adopted

3rd November

The kittens are full of energy and are spending lots of time exploring and playing games. Little blue boy's favourite game is chasing the broom while you sweep the room. Big girl loves a game of tug of war with the feather teaser and little girl is full of beans taking on anyone and anything for a game.

kit kit kit
Big tawny girl Blue boy - reserved Small tawny girl - reserved

19th October

The kittens have had their first vaccination and a ready for anything.

kitten kitten kitten
Big tawny girl Blue boy - reserved Small tawny girl

3rd October

The kittens have grown so much. They are running around playing, exploring and have just started using the litter tray, mum must be doing a good job of training them.

kitten kitten kitten
Big tawny girl Blue boy Small tawny girl

26th September

Lily's three kittens enjoy having visitors and come tumbling out of the kitten bed to see who has come to play. They are pretty good at posing for photos too.

kit blue kit
Big tawny girl Blue boy Small tawny girl

19th September

kit Blue kit
Big tawny girl Blue boy Small tawny girl

14th September

Lily's kittens have opened their eyes and they are moving around the kitten bed. They are all feeding well, especially the larger tawny girl.

kittens kitten kittens

2nd September


31st August

Lily had 3 kittens, 2 tawny females and a blue male. All are doing well and putting on weight.

Lily and Junior are expecting kittens on the 30th August.

Cat Cat
Swift Tiger Lily Nile Ghost Who Walks (Junior)

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