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kit kit
Swift Quiksilver Swift Aztec Rose
kit kit
Swift Billabong Swift Hurley

30th March 2015

kit kit
kit kit

25th March 2015

Tunnel games with Dad (Johari Zambezi).

The kittens have their official NSW CFA names, another lot of surfing babies so we have named the girls: Swift Quiksilver and Swift Aztec Rose, while the boys are Swift Hurley and Swift Billabong.

kit kit

12th March 2015

The kittens are loving their new scratching toy.

kit kit
Swift Quiksilver Swift Aztec Rose
kit kit
Swift Hurley Swift Billa Bong

1st March 2015

Since finding food little girl has become big girl! They seem interested in a variety of flavours with shredded chicken being a favourite.

kit kit kit kit
Big girl The boys Little girl

22nd February 2015

The kittens have found their way up onto the queen sized bed and think it is a great playground...although I'm not sure Tui thinks the invasion of her sanctuary is such a good thing!

kits kits

17th February 2015

These kittens love learning, at five weeks of age they are having some lessons from mum about how to use the scratching post.

kitten   kittens kittens
Big girl & Tui Litter training Blue boy

10th February 2015

At 4 weeks of age, litter training with mum and discovering new toys are on the agenda this week.

kitten kitten kitten kitten
Big girl The boys Little girl

7th February 2015

The kittens are growing so quickly and are very active for such young ones, having taken over the whole of the bedroom to use as their playground.

kit kits kit
Big girl The boys Little girl

31st January 2015

How cute are these guys? They're starting to move around and holding their heads up to say 'Hi'.


24th January 2015

The kittens are 12 days' old and have opened their eyes. Some are more keen to pose for photos than others. Tui is doing an amazing job as a first time mum keeping them well fed and they are often quiet in a neat sleeping bundle.


Tui and Zambezi's kittens were born on the 13th January 2015. They have 3 blue kittens and a tawny.

kitten kit
Swift Tui Johari Zambezi - looking for a new home







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