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kitten kittens kitten
Swift Marilyn Swift Tiny Dancer & Swift Rocket Man Swift Candle in the Wind

2nd November 2015

The kittens have been registered with the NSW CFA and have names inspired by their Dad, Benny Andthe Jets, who is named after an Elton John song: the boy is Swift Rocket Man, while the girls are Swift Tiny Dancer, Swift Candle in the Wind (Candy) and Swift Marilyn who is the blue ('blonde') drama queen of the family.


29th October 2015

Tui watches on as the kittens test out their climbing skills. Probably not the best photo to post to show how well behaved the kittens are but it is a reminder to all cat owners to make sure your home is kitten-proofed (window screens, enclosures) and that your cat is safe indoors. Recently, there have been a lot of paralysis tick cases which is another good reason to have an indoor only pet. Please do not use dog tick & flea treatments on cats as they may be deadly to a cat. Make sure the treatment is specific to cats and kittens.

kit kit

20th October 2015

The pink fluffy beanbag cushion and the tiger blanket seem to be the new favourites.

kits kits

15th October 2015

Our little explorers have made it onto Mum's sanctuary, the queen sized bed, and are loving it.


kits kits

8th - 10th October 2015

Lessons in climbing and scratcher use with mum. Of course, the boy has to be first to the top of the mini scratcher!

kits kits

29th - 30th September 2015

The kittens have moved house again and litter training is in progress. They are doing a pretty good job for such young kittens.

kit kit kit kit
Tawny boy Blue girl Darker Tawny girl Lighter Tawny girl

24th - 27th September 2015

The kittens have found their legs and have started to race around the play area.

kits kits

18th September 2015

Tui is feeding the kittens really well; they are all over 300g each.


11th September

The kittens have opened their eyes and they think they are ready to escape their bed. Tui is keeping a close eye on them.


Tui and Benny's four kittens arrived safely on the 1st September 2015

kitten cat
Swift Tui Abytawe Benny Andthe Jets







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