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Billie's pedigree

Nile Runcible Cat was born on the 28th November 2005 and is known as Billie around the house. She is a tawny Abyssinian cat with a beautiful profile and a sweet nature. Billie has amber eyes, a good length tail and is rich in colour. She became a New South Wales Champion in 2006.

Billie loves a good game of fetch with her favourite spider toy, 'spidey' and a fresh glass of water, preferably yours!

Billie’s father is Gl Db Gd Ch. CCCA Gd Ch. US Gd Ch Zzaby’s Pipe Dream, DM (Imp USA) who attained his distinguished merit in October 2006. To be awarded the Distinguished Merit he had to have fifteen offspring that had gained titles. He has now been retired as a stud cat. Billie’s mother is Nile Red Queen, a gorgeous cinnamon girl who also has been retired.

We would like to thank George & Julie for allowing us to start our breeding program with Billie.

Billie tested normal to PK-deficiency on 26 January 2006. She is PRA normal.


Billie had her first litter of kittens on the 30th April, 2007. She is an excellent mother and seems to act instinctively around her kittens. The litter consists of a tawny male and a fawn female. The presence of a fawn kitten indicates that Billie carries the blue coat colour gene as well as cinnamon.


Billie had her second litter on the 8th of December 2007. Again she has taken motherhood in her stride and is taking very good care of the two tawny female kittens and two cinnamon male kittens in her litter.

Billie's third litter was born on the 5th of August 2008. Both kittens are tawny, one boy, Felix the Cat, and one girl, Tiger Lily.

Billie has retired from breeding and showing and now is a beloved pet.

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